Morrissey - Ringleader Of The Tormentors (April 2006)


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I was going through a bad breakup, and I was crying all the time. Me and my boyfriend broke up on Monday, and it affected me the entire week. By the next week, I had felt much better, until I went onto his social media page, and saw him hugging another girl. He made sure to put the pictures all over his webpage, just so that I would see it. Just when I thought I was getting better, I broke down in tears again. To make matters worse, I decided to check the social media page, while I was at work.
I ran screaming from my desk, and I was crying and acting like a fool. I ran into the bathroom, and someone came in behind me. One of the ladies who had heard me crying, came to console me, and asked what the problem was. I actually made an excuse, and said that I just found out through social media, that a family member of mine had died. I felt really bad for lying and making fake doctors note, but no one would understand what I was going through. My boss came into the bathroom as well, and it made for even more drama.
I was told that I could go home for the day, just to cool down. I knew I would need more than one day off, and unlike when I went to school, I would need to have a good reason for missing work. I was told I could take one day off, but I know I would be pushing it to ask for more. I decided that I would look for a fraud doctors form, so that I could say I was sick. It was early in the day, and I know that they couldn't question me, if I turned in a slip from a scam doctor the next day.
I wasn't sure where to find a fake doctors note, so I looked up an example on the internet, and I found some great templates. One template was a match to a previous note that I had turned in, so I decided to keep the sample, and turn it into my job. I printed off several fake forms, just in case I needed any more in the future. I took the free time I had for the rest of the day and rested up.
The next day, I called my job, and I told them that I had seen my doctor, and I had a phoney note to miss work. They just told me I needed to turn in the fraud document when I came back to work, and I was relieved. I took several days off, and I was able to move past the whole ugly situation. Also, if you want a great doctor's note, go to: